Sunday, September 27, 2009

Righteous anger

Anger is bad. We hear it all the time. Maybe that is why so many Christians just sit back and let misinterpretations of scripture stand. Maybe we take Jesus telling us to "turn the other cheek" and apply to things he wasn't talking about. Maybe we do this because we are scared...scared of hurting someone's feelings, scared of people being mad at us, scared that we might look stupid. Well, all of these "scared of" things are unbiblical. We should care about other's feelings, but not at the expense of allowing them to keep sinning. We should do it in love, but we should do it. Do you think Jesus was afraid of hurting feelings when he flipped over the money changers tables in the temple? No. He was mad. Real mad. I think I may know how he feels because I feel that way about scripture. When I hear people making a mess out of scripture I get mad. I think "how dare you water down God's word". I mean we do realize this is GOD'S WORD. The things he tells us to do are not suggestions. The bible is the same as if GOD himself, looked you in the eye, and audibly told you to do something or to not do something. I know most of us Christians would never ignore an audible command from God, but we have no qualms about watering down his word to suit our worldly ideas and lifestyles. Some examples of thing we change/ignore because we want to are : homeschool/secular schooling, recreational dating, church model, biblical headship, biblical womanhood, discipline of children, money and debt, and even what Jesus says about who will get into heaven. I get so angry when I hear people skimming over the hard truth of the bible. However, I am afraid. Afraid of all the things listed above and so I do nothing. I pray God will help me be angry enough to turn over some tables.

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  1. Leslie, you know this is also my challenge. Someone told me a couple of weeks ago that God sometimes gives us these strong convictions and anger to call us to a specific area of ministry. For example, this person is very passionate about having scripture taught accurately, so passionate that he has taken up the call to be a preacher. I think God is calling you to the ministry of women. I think you are on the right track. I will pray God gives you a loving, humble heart and voice to speak His truth for His glory.
    kristi craft

    ps i am sorry so short, typing all day with 1 hand :)